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Nazaret Capital LLC LLC was officially established on July 4th, 2019. Its main activity is the development of software for various types of businesses of the IT of new generation.

In 2017, the team began active work to promote innovative ideas and has created a unique project that has no world analogues.

Qwangy is the world's largest collider for all areas and layers of business and social development of society.


We offer digital solutions

Software Development and Implementation

Nazaret Capital LLC specializes in software development, creating unique informative and corporate systems, special modules based on industrial solutions of large manufacturers or free software that minimizes risks when implementing or integrating into existing products.


We provide informative and analytical services to the business. The company’s team consists of competent business analysts who work with big data of information based on modern technologies. They develop effective models of strategic planning, offering the most effective solutions to increase customer’s profit

Business consulting

We will help your business soar to new heights.


Nazaret Capital LLC has the strongest specialists in the field of design with many years of experience in web-, graphical- and UI / UX- directions. Our main task is to create the most sophisticated and selling designer products and solutions.

Financially investment services

Our goal is efficiency, relevance and profitability.


Nazaret Capital LLC provides a full range of marketing tools for promoting and developing your project. A competent approach: analytics and monitoring, the selection of effective and reasonable decisions, the development of a marketing strategy at three main levels (corporate, business and functional) will expand the capabilities of your company: increase profits, recognition, attract new customers and partners, take a leading position among competitors, upgrade standards and get a powerful boost.


Constant monitoring, status assessment and forecasting of the company’s development processes allows us to build strategies and tactical decisions quickly and efficiently in order to optimize the company’s performance and show its productive growth.


The mathematical approaches and the method of providing the services as a regular supply of needs, as well as the ability to use technical resources of the IBM laboratory, bring Nazaret Capital's capabilities to a new level of hardware support for any business.

Artifical Intellegence

The nowadays economy forces entrepreneurs to make management decisions extremely quickly. Companies are looking for new approaches to maximize the value of the information they have. In this way, it is possible to increase net profit, be one step ahead of competitors, work in new markets.

Our projects

We develop digital solutions

Investor relations

Nazaret Capital LLC invests in its own IT project

Currently, Nazaret Capital LLC holds the final stage of accepting investments for the QWANGY project.

If you are interested in our project, leave your request, we will contact you as soon as possible

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